VIDEO The Left Is Still Freaking Out About Betsy DeVos Because School Choice Is An Existential Threat

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The Left Is Still Freaking Out About Betsy DeVos Because School Choice Is An Existential ThreatBetsy DeVos frightens the heebiejeebies out of the Left because her marquee policy—school choice—uncovers their intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

Sept 8, 2017 By Joy Pullmann

Betsy DeVos’s tenure as U.S. education secretary, like Trump’s arrival in the White House, has occasioned existential panic among the Left. It’s a bit confusing, as she hasn’t done anything yet but visit schools and convene meetings, and her policy positions are decidedly mainstream, both among Republicans and the general public. Like DeVos, majorities of Americans think private schools provide a better education than do public schools, and support school choice in various forms.

Although their personalities couldn’t be more different, both DeVos and Trump seem to embody a sort of Rorschach blot signifying doom to the Left. There’s some legitimacy to this panic. As leader of a colossal failure of a federal bureaucracy (which is saying a lot), DeVos can do little to benefit…

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2 Responses to VIDEO The Left Is Still Freaking Out About Betsy DeVos Because School Choice Is An Existential Threat

  1. kamas716 says:

    My wife is a public education instructor. She doesn’t like private education. But every time she starts complaining about stuff, it’s things that are being foisted upon her from the district, the state, or the feds. Teaching about the individual states and capitals hasn’t been required for the last several years, but she’s been doing it anything. She just complained to me today that she didn’t think she’d be able to this year because of all the other crap she has to get in and that it was yet another sign of how ill prepared our kids are going to be for the future.

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  2. Thanks for posting. Really good, cogent arguments for school choice/radical decentralization of education. I especially like this quote from the last paragraph:

    “We don’t need everyone to be special. We just need everyone to be loved by someone. Statistically and naturally speaking, that someone is most likely to be a child’s mother or father. While not all parents are perfect, giving parents in general the capacity to wield genuine power over their own children will create far better outcomes than any other social arrangement.”

    Amazing what happens when you get back to first principles, isn’t it?

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