When you push whites too far

Berserkers unite!!

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Someone’s seen this classic.

What’s the opposite of white guilt? Whatever it is, America had it, once.

They literally invent new forms of war every time you fuck with them.
European Civil War is a hobby. WW3 will just be World Civil War. It’s 4th generation.
There’s a definite strain of rage, whether it’s MAO genes or something else.

Nobody talks about Napalm and I think that’s a shame.

Who could look at OJ and think Imma murder the fuck outta someone with this.

Madmen, that’s who.
It’s strange to watch non-whites poke the polar bear with a massive military budget.

Even Saints have a limit on their patience.

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4 Responses to When you push whites too far

  1. kamas716 says:

    I don’t know if that’s necessarily a trait limited to ‘white’ folk. It seems that throughout most of history all over the world the main past time was fighting with ones neighbors.

    But I will point out that it’s pretty stupid to fuck with a people who took genocide from a hit and miss military campaign and industrialized it. It’s something the people currently invading Europe should heed.

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  2. IP727 says:

    ~~~ODE TO WARREN ~~~
    Little running poontang was her name,
    Faking it as an indian was her game,
    Never met a redskin she wouldn’t hump,
    Or a politician she wouldn’t jump,
    Even with a borrowed pecker her I would refrain.


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