Not only has dissent been demonized, but the dissenter has been dehumanized

Shut up and Kneel, Barbarian!

Reclaim Our Republic

The Left Gained Control, Then Lost Their Minds

July 11, 2017 by Anthony Freda

The left is currently in control of the mainstream press, academia, Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue and the entertainment industry.

These cultural institutions shape our society, but the political makeup of their populations do not accurately reflect this nation.

To simplify, the country is more or less divided between conservatives and liberals, but the left is vastly over-represented in the cultural establishment.

The mainstream press is overwhelmingly biased towards the Democratic party and hostile to conservatives. (With the exception of Fox, which obviously supports the GOP establishment and provides the only counterpoint to the prevailing narrative on television.)

Most media outlets have become political organs without any interest in providing the public with a balanced window into world affairs.

The New York Times and The Washington Post appear to be mouthpieces for partisan factions of the deep state and CNN is clearly a political operation.


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