Media in a closed loop, reality need not apply.

When the Cat’s Away, the Rats Will Play

Out of sight, out of mind.  When it’s President Trump who’s far out of sight, the Democrats go even farther out of their minds. Biased media have all but buried the coverage of Trump’s historic visit to Riyadh, Israel, the Vatican, and Brussels.  The possibility of Arab cooperation, so long jawed about by the Obama administration, is barely acknowledged now that Trump has seized the opportunity to promote it in person. Finding a strategy for defeating ISIS appears not to be a major concern of the Trump-haters, whose presumed enemy of civilization is what they consider a home-grown terrorist illegitimately hunkering down in the White House.  Trump’s removal from office is at the apex of their aggressive agenda of resistance.  And if his overseas visits go badly, the wished for end of the 45th presidency is all the more likely. To suit their purposes, the liberal media have shortchanged Trump’s historic agenda in the Middle East and…
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The Exterminator returns shortly.   :o)

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