Putting the Red back in Redneck?


Maybe they should put the Work back in their Workers, first.

It’s the “John Brown Gun Club,” serious dudes, eh dudettes?



Oathkeepers Reports 

“Gun-Totin’ Left-Wingers Demonstrate at the Arizona Capitol,” Phoenix New Times notes sympathetically. “Is Bloodshed on the Horizon?”

It’s a report about “openly armed to the proverbial teeth” supporters of the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club, self-described as “Working to stem the tide of reactionary recruitment within white working class communities, fight white supremacy, & build liberatory community defense.” That, in turn, references to Redneck Revolt (“Putting the RED back in redneck”).”


Questions for Dudetttes: Felt pretty cool, huh? Very powerful? Had you given thought to the fact, if things go bad, you are wearing a sign that says Primary Target? Have you considered the thinness of most cover?

Have you ever even shot that thang?

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2 Responses to Putting the Red back in Redneck?

  1. Beth Donovan says:

    They are idiots. What’s with all the brownshirts?

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