VIDEO The America You Don’t Know

Deep state video fest.

Reclaim Our Republic

There is a subterranean river of anger, rage and violence that flows just under the daily currents of American public life. It flows, unseen, much like the great rivers that live within our oceans and which control so much of the earth’s weather and climate.

Because these American undercurrents are rarely seen, they are thought by many to no longer exist. It is true they rarely surface, and for that we may all be grateful, because they are ever-present. A variety of outrages may occur on the surface where we live, yet nothing emerges from the subterranean deep. But oftentimes the outrages are cumulative; it is impossible to predict which one, piled upon the previous, will suddenly awaken public outrage.

The surest way to see it is to violate the original Contract…

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