The grid, in practice.

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  1. I respect your frustration and pain, but you are expressing it without respect for the people you are trying to influence (the left). If you want to win them you have to listen to them and love them first (not necessarily agree with them). If you don’t want to win them, what is the purpose of your posts? – Jim


    • mobiuswolf says:

      Excellent question.

      In truth, half my extended family has gone off the deep end with them. People that have known me for 57 years suddenly believe I am ‘deplorable’ on the word of obviously corrupt and evil politicians. Of course, I still love them.

      Try this on.

      If they are not amenable to reason, logic and truth are beyond them. They are operating on instinct and emotion. Other methods must be tried.

      I find I have a lot to say on this question. Please allow me to get back to you in a future post. I have to go weld my plow back together before it snows again.

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    • Foxfier says:

      You cannot reason someone out of a position they did not reason into, and there is a great deal of distance between being loving and being nice.

      They are not prizes to be won; they are humans, rational beings who have free will of their own. The conceit that anything we do can actually control their actions is mildly dehumanzing.

      There’s also the issue that your post assumes that we have not listened, and do not love them, and in addition have not been reasoning with them— while ignoring the question of if “the grid” is an accurate representation of what at the very least a vocal group of the left have been saying.

      I have had friends cut themselves off from me, because they are “moderates” while I am a “radical extremist.” You see, they view Obama as a moderate Republican, rather than a flaming right-winger as their “more liberal” friends do.

      I have been insulted, attacked, and just this week a large, well funded movement went into action to deny that I can even speak as a woman because I do not agree with their political and philosophical claims, on the basis of science. You see, I believe killing a human is a bad thing, and killing an innocent one is a horrific thing…and I refuse to pretend that an unborn human is not a member of the species. Thus, I am not a member of my sex, no matter how many children I have.

      Facts. Do. Not. Matter. To. Them.

      So, because one listens to them, and respects them as human beings, and loves them enough to try to stop them from a horrific wrong– you have to try other routes.

      Including graphics that are shockingly direct as to what the meaning of their words actually involves.

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      • mobiuswolf says:

        Wow Great post in it’s own right.
        I took James’ meaning as ‘win them back to God and sanity’.
        Honestly, at this point, I’m mostly happy to be able to shut them up for a spell, but it’s hard not to be angry at the calumny..


        • Foxfier says:

          A bit more temper than I really like displaying, but I’m getting to where I’m pretty sure that part of the problem is being too polite to people who mistake manners for submission– and to others, who only like manners when it works for them.

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  2. mobiuswolf says:

    Exactly so. They’ve been allowed to run roughshod. I’m sick of it.

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    • I did mean win them back to God and sanity. I don’t think your tactics are going to win anyone. (And my likes indicate I read, not agreed). You can’t hate someone out of hate. You can only love them out of hate. If they hate you and you hate them back, you are more alike than you are different.


      • Foxfier says:

        That is not true– it was famously countered by the “they both push little old ladies” argument. Hating evil is not in any way equivalent to hating good, which disproves the claim for any relevant use. (It could, after all, be argued that love and hate are more alike than different–they are powerful and passionate, after all. But the differences are enough to make it laughable.)

        Incidentally, you might want to look into following your own advice– you keep accusing folks of an emotion or motivation and urging them to a different one, without ever listening to find out if that is their motive or not.

        It is not pleasant to deny a drunk the money for more wine; it is not loving to help him kill himself, and possibly others, by providing it.

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