Why Americans are Getting Dumber and How to Fix It

The Idiocracy awaits.



By  Annie Holmquist

Recently I learned that long time economist Thomas Sowell is retiring from his position as a syndicated columnist. Curious, I flipped through an archive of his many columns and stumbled on one entitled Education: Then and Now, written in early 2006.

One paragraph in particular caught my eye. Like many of the older generation, Sowell notes that the education he received in the New York Public School system of the 1940s was stellar and well-rounded, a far cry from that experienced by children enrolled in the New York Public Schools of the late twentieth century:

“Some years ago, when I looked at the math textbooks that my nieces in Harlem were using, I discovered that they were being taught in the 11th grade what I had been taught in the 9th grade. Even if they were the best students around, they would still be…

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2 Responses to Why Americans are Getting Dumber and How to Fix It

  1. Dan says:

    Measurable IQ has dropped an average of 1+ points per decade over the last half century. This is because we are actively subsidizing stupidity via the insanity of welfare. We PAY stupid people to breed…And breed they do, in large numbers. The smart people are taxed and penalized for being smart to support the stupid ones. Thus the smart ones produce fewer offspring. It doesn’t take long for the stupid to overwhelm the smart by sheer volume of breeding. Another 50 years of this and the average IQ will have dropped to a point where we can no longer get maintain a first world society…And at that point collapse to turd world status is guaranteed. The muzzies are doing the same thing….Infiltrating us and outbreeding us. It’s a race to see whether the west falls due to abject stupidity or the forced imposition of Sharia first…..But the first factor is aiding the second.

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