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Over the transom, originally at the time of the Charlotte “protests”/riots:

I saw a conversation in which several BLM folks confided their belief that “white people in America” (however they define that) will give them whatever they want because “white [American] people are afraid of violence.”

I didn’t want my Facebook account demolished, so I refrained from commenting. I’ll just synthesize my thoughts below, as developed by myself and as seen by others smarter than me:

Mainstream non-ghetto-thug-culture American people (regardless of race) do not fear violence. They actually are quite comfortable with it. They simply refrain from use of force except as a last resort, or they channel it into sports. They don’t fear violence, they actually like it — too much. Why? Because they are good at it. The best in the world. War, real kill-people-and-breaks-things war (not nation-building), is simply another form of business for them. They…

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2 Responses to From A Reader

  1. Foxfier says:

    ….My goodness. Some of these idiots seriously have the Waif-fu Syndrome.

    That’s where a 90 pound woman who has at most watched kung-fu movies and thinks guns are icky thinks she can beat a 200 pound man, because… underwear gnomes or something.

    The Black Lives Matter riots work because they are functionally a sucker-punch– or the knockout game, or polarbear hunting. They’ve got nothing to do with how awesome of a fighter you are, they’re a violation of the unstated rules. It’s like thinking yourself a master thief when you live in a place where nobody locks their doors, or a grand tactician because you cheat.

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