Dealing with the United Nations

Boot the UN!!!

Patriot Dreams

Published 12/27/2016 at Canada Free Press

The current imbroglio at the United Nations triggered by the abstention of the United States government during the Security Council vote on a measure which condemned the government of Israel over the building of a few apartment blocks in East Jerusalem demonstrates, for me anyway, two things.

First, this action with regard to foreign relations in the Obama administration clearly indicates a tectonic change in our relationship with the government of Israel.

Second, it displays the utter uselessness of the United Nations in terms of preventing war.  Any war, regardless of whether it is a “normal” war between two sovereign nations, or a “civil war” such as being waged in Syria.  If you believe the term useless is an overstatement, look at how much the UN has done to help the situation in Syria or the situation in Ukraine.  Must anything more be said?

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