Maine Propane Dealer Refuses to Sell Gas to Trump Supporters as Record-Breaking Freeze Hits


So, let me get this straight.

If I’m a Christian baker and my morals won’t allow me to bake you a gay wedding cake, you and the state can fine me and possibly cause me to lose my business through a civil lawsuit alleging damages.

But if I’m that same Christian baker and I voted for Donald Trump, then a propane dealer is within his rights to refuse to sell me gas that I need to keep me and my family warm during a record-breaking cold wave.

Something isn’t right here.

Press Herald

On the coldest day of the season, a Skowhegan-area propane dealer has a pointed message for would-be customers.

“If you voted for Donald Trump for President, I will no longer be delivering your gas, please find someone else,” is the message left for customers that call Turner LP Gas Service, on Canaan Road in Skowhegan.

The message…

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2 Responses to Maine Propane Dealer Refuses to Sell Gas to Trump Supporters as Record-Breaking Freeze Hits

  1. Where’s the outrage? Where are the lawsuits? Where’s the media coverage?

    I think in the case of the gay couples who tried to get their wedding cakes done by Christian bakeries, the whole plan was to get grounds for a lawsuit: The last thing on earth that the gay couples I know would want is for Fred and Susie to do their wedding cake –way too tacky for the design-sensitive gay couple.

    In the case of the propane dealer, there’s a little more at stake –comfort certainly, but maybe life. Kind of an unenforceable ban though.

    And it also sounds like a business opportunity for a savvy Republican.

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