You’ll Know What I Don’t Mean the Moment I Say It

Laugh or cry, at this point what difference does it make?

The Kakistocracy

The word statement is a reliable antonym of agenda. What people say is often completely different than what they mean. As statements ascend the bullshit strata from personal to official, that tendency becomes axiom. Political actors and media organs issue statements strictly to advance an agenda, not explain or reveal a truth. Most people would find themselves merely aghast absent the ability to lie. For our leading news outlets it would be seppuku.

That’s part of the reason I rarely trust anyone writing under their real name. Because nearly everyone has something a lie will benefit or the truth will harm. Even when intention is honest and the load is light, their statements are necessarily weighed by personal agenda. Whether for business positioning, moral preening, or the common desire to avoid social ostracism, career ruination, or (in Europe) outright imprisonment, our agenda always colors the statements we use to…

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