Thoughts on Orlando

Thoughts on Orlando worth reading.

Something Fishy

The leftist narrative is that of course this latest terror attack is due to insufficient gun control – facts, reason, and American rights be damned.
A few thoughts, based on the information that’s been promulgated so far.
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way” applies just as much to evil goals as it does to virtuous ones. Focusing on the tool used to do evil is ignoring the evil. There are many ways to commit mass murder, and making it more difficult to obtain one tool will simply cause terrorists to use another tool instead. It’s far harder for people to defend themselves from explosives or a vehicle driven with intent to kill. And the Orlando terrorist was a fan of the Boston Marathon bombers, so it’s not like he would have given up if he couldn’t obtain guns.
Laws don’t help if they’re not used. Testimony from the…

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