The Beast’s Mark Approacheth

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Aspiring writer of Zombie fiction.
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  1. Been interested in just what the mark would be for years. Bar code tattoo? Microchip? ID card? All of these have issues with matching scripture. Then I ran across Doug Hamp’s book ‘Corrupting the Image.’ He talks about changing one’s DNA in an attempt to improve our lives. What mother wouldn’t want to have her baby genetically modified to prevent cancer, to head off or correct a birth defect, to be stronger or smarter? But what if altering genetics means you are no longer made in the image of God? Unlike removing a tattoo or cutting out a chip, DNA mods would be irreversible. Consequently, once that type of mark is accepted, there is no turning back. Something to think about. And, mobiuswolf, could this be related to a zombie apocalypse? Very interesting speculations arise.

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