Dear Establishment – I blame you!

Oh, sweet meteor of death, DC please.

The Liberty Zone

Dear Republican and Democrat establishments,

By this time you’re probably wondering what the hell is happening to that nice little world you’ve created for yourselves. The Hairy Hemorrhoid™ and the Septuagenarian Socialist are putting a spike the size of a cricket bat into the tires of your 2016 campaign buses, and you are spinning ferociously in your seats like ferrets on speed, trying to catch up.

What the hell happened?

Well you need to look no further than your mirrors, and not the funhouse ones that give you that warped view of yourselves, either. Take a long, hard look at what’s going on, because you are the ones who created the deranged monstrosity we’re seeing in the primaries of both parties today!

Republicans, you want to know why the obnoxious, narcissistic, boorish, classless assclown has won his third primary in a row?

You created him, you brainless shit weasels!

You ignored…

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About mobiuswolf

Aspiring writer of Zombie fiction.
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4 Responses to Dear Establishment – I blame you!

  1. Beth Donovan says:

    I just want to hide for the rest of my life.


  2. mobiuswolf says:

    We’re pretty tucked away, up here. I really need to up my gardening game though.


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