The science IS settled, who’d a thunk it?

The Geography of Gun Ownership, US Edition

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Let me start this post with a rather frustrating admission. I can’t find a shapefile of the United States that includes Alaska and Hawaii. If anyone knows where I might find one, please let me know. Until then, unfortunately, any US maps posted here will only include the lower 48.

EDIT (14 Jan 2013): This page has been surging in popularity since the Sandy Hook tragedy, so I must reiterate that the data shown on this map only accounts for legally-owned guns. 

Also, the firearm death statistic is from 2004 and is not measured in terms of total deaths; it has been normalized by population (i.e., deaths per 100,000). It includes only firearm homicides, not suicides or accidental deaths. Please keep this in mind as you scan the map. Thank you.

This week we’ve explored the complexity of guns and their distribution across world populations. Today I would like to use the United States as a lens to examine the idea that guns directly correspond to violence. If you look back at yesterday’s post, I have updated it with a link to an article about gun control in Japan. With a near absence of guns in Japan, gun crimes are obviously very rare. It doesn’t take a philosophy degree to infer that “no guns” equals no gun crime. But in places where gun ownership rates drift further and further from zero, can it actually be said that more guns lead to more gun crimes? Not exactly. Behold:

Read the rest. Very interesting.

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