You Who Allow Yourselves To Hate

Reality check.


If you cannot understand the Germans welcoming the Syrian and other refugees, consider that they are the children and grandchildren of individuals who executed the holocaust, the invasions of many nations, shelling of their cities, campaigns against partisans which executed very many civilians. For their Fatherland, for their German culture.

Those individuals knew they did terrible things, had to excuse themselves as being ignorant in the midst of mass insanity and going along with the crowd. But they knew and those still alive know what evil ordinary men can do when they allow themselves to harm others, and the ease of justifying that, and the ease of adopting opinions that naturally lead to those justifications.

That generation lived through the political events and propaganda which lead their nation to that state of producing such very great evil. They and their children have read endless analyses of the cleverness of the German…

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2 Responses to You Who Allow Yourselves To Hate

  1. kamas716 says:

    While I can certainly see why some Germans might think that way, I still think it would be prudent to check these refugees backgrounds since they are coming from a place where a significant portion of the population actively hates and wants to kill us.

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