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Independent Strategy and Intelligence Study Group

ISIS External OPs and Paris Attack UPDATE as of 18 NOV 15

In an update to yesterday’s article (“ISIS External OPs and Paris Attack UPDATE as of 16 NOV 15”), we’ve identified another attacker who was involved in targeting the Bataclan Concert Hall. The individual in question was identified as Sammy Amimour, a French national who was arrested in 2012 with fellow jihadist Sharif al-Moudan aka “Abu Suleiman al-faransi.” Amimour was released from jail in 2013 and fled the country after he got in trouble again and had an international arrest warrant was issued. He would make his way to Syria, where he was joined by Moudan. Amimour was one of the 20 guys we first discussed in last month’s “Nail in the Coffin: ISIS’ Anwar al-Awlaqi BN Sends Fighters to Europe” and 13 NOV’s “Night of Terror: Jihadists Launch Coordinated Attacks Across Paris.” It’s worth noting that in 2012 prior to his arrest, Sammy tried to travel to Yemen and was placed on a watch list of potential terrorists – lot of good that did, huh?



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