Climate change

Something Fishy indeed! A nice overview of the climate change disaster.

Something Fishy

The history of climate panics makes it very clear that a lot of “scientists” who do “research” on climate and nearly all the “journalists” who report thereon are full of useless waste, because they’re a bunch of liars and lazy bums who don’t do their own research, preferring to make things up when reality fails to deliver.

I’d like to cite basically all the internet atheists’ criticisms of organized religion, because that’s exactly what the Cult of Climate Change is – an organized religion, worshiping divine Science!!!

No actual resemblance to the scientific method, mind. Science!!! is a tart dressed up in a sexy Halloween lab outfit who struts about attempting to garner more government grant money in exchange for whoring herself out to politics.

So, has the planet’s climate ever changed? Yes. Are humans responsible for any known global climate alterations? Nope. Unless organized religion caused the Medieval Warm…

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