Zombie, zombie, just who are the zombies? Keep this characteristic in mind: “movement while brain dead.”

Here’s a taste:

“The right in the US is the side that clings to the origins and the founding.  This is the side that believes ultimately sovereignty rests in the individual and the government should bow and doff its hat to us. We’re the side that believes that no matter what color, size, sex or whomever you decide to sleep with, you’re still an individual, entitled to equal protection under the law.

We believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Read the rest at accordingtohoyt.com

According To Hoyt

*I didn’t mean to post this today, but since everyone is posting this (it would help if stupid blogger remembered to link.  Have pity on me.  The day has included everything but a plague of locusts.) and asking my opinion, I think it’s a good time to do so.  First, remember that international news are about as accurate about Portugal as about the US.  Second, remember that Portugal doesn’t have two parties, it has fifty so every government is coalition.  This means the right might have associated with lower-voting right wing parties instead of going to the higher ranked left.  It doesn’t mean a fascist take over.  SECOND and very important, remember right and left is not right and left in the US.  One of the right-most parties in Portugal is Popular Social Democrats.  The other (anti-EU btws) is the Christian Social Democrats. There ARE NO PARTIES THAT DON’T HAVE…

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