The Most Dangerous Man in Europe

You don’t say? Check this excerpt.

“However, the point at which Korwin-Mikke is most compelling at is on his views on the dynamics of civilisation. He considers the European civilisation already dead and taken over by what he calls the ‘Union Civilisation’. That is the anti-civilisation of European Union and is the antithesis of the genuine Western European civilisation. The European Union this ‘Soviet Union’ of Europe has inverted all the virtues of the west and turned them into vices, awhile elevating the elements scorned not even a hundred years ago. The virtues of the new European man, as Korwin explains, are as follows; boys are now taught by the educational authorities that aggression is bad, is a ‘no-no’ – you have to peaceful, mild, passive about your fate, you cannot fight, nor have strong emotions – emotions of hate. The aggressive and fighting spirit is being eradicated by the school system and ideology, so they may create spineless slaves. Who would never even consider rebellion, would never raise arms against their oppressors and their new taxes and regulations.

Here Korwin sees the ominous influence of the leftist social ideal – the spineless passive hippie, which is being forged in the school systems of Europe of today. The effects are easy to behold and foresee. European kids in school are defenceless against the aggressive, dynamic Moslem kids. Who were not taught passivity nor peacefulness. Korwin explains that the Islamic civilisation is currently better than the ‘Union civilisation’ in Europe because at least Moslems are taught to be warrior-like and aggressive. They are equipped with the tools to conquer and submit others to their commands awhile we the Europeans, are not.”

The Ludwig von Mises Centre

2by Jakub Jankowski

Janusz Korwin-Mikke was born in occupied Warsaw in October 1942. After the death of his mother during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, he was put under the care of his grandmother and later his stepmother. He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Faculty of Philosophy of the Warsaw University. Came into prominence as early as the late 60’s, protesting against the communist regime and the expulsion of Jews. For which he was imprisoned as well as relegated from university, though he finally managed to graduate in philosophy, He passed his master’s examination without attending any philosophy courses. His academic interests also extended beyond to mathematics, sociology and psychology.

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