Elitists Are Fundamentally Wrong

This is an outstanding analysis. Thinkpatriot has finally defined the lines in our culture war, cutting through the mass of hyperbole.
This explains our instinctive prepping in the face of all ridicule. It also gives you a pretty good idea where your efforts may be lacking. Now that um,… TP has defined the terms, we can begin to address our areas of weakness. Maybe I’m reading a lot into it, but I don’t think so….

Go read it!!!


A friend of mine sent me a link discussing Andrew Keen’s view that the web is bad for the ‘Cultural Economy’, because there is no quality control to select the best information, opinions and greatest artists for everyone to know about.

I had an emotional reaction to Keen and his opinion, and many bad words came to mind*.  What a limited point of view he has of what us ignorant masses (we are, but so is he) who need to be told what to like, what is important.  He laments “The failure of respect for a traditional industrial meritocracy” including doctors, lawyers, lawmakers, editors, professors, etc.  He also misses the tremendous failures that exactly that ‘meritocracy’, now oligarchy and minions, have produced.

Keen has a Gruberian ruling-eye view, so doesn’t grasp that we ordinary people were taking care of ourselves long before the first editor arrived on the planet, and…

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2 Responses to Elitists Are Fundamentally Wrong

  1. Cyn Bagley says:

    Dang – do these people even listen to themselves? Better for whom? Are we now one-size-fits-all people?

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