Martin Armstrong on Jade Helm

A lot of emails have been coming in about Jade Helm, a highly secret and most controversial U.S. Special Operations exercise that created a flood of conspiracy theories about a government takeover…

There is no question that the government is preparing for civil unrest. No, we do not advise them. But make no mistake about it, probably every single security agency around the world follows our model…

Let me state this very clearly: I have been warning that we are entering a period where taxes everywhere will rise. It has begun even in Texas. Government is simply unsustainable in its present form. There MUST be a total collapse and then rising from the ashes will be restructuring. Government will not lay down its arms willingly. They will attack the population if they attempt to rise up in protest. This is typical of the decline and fall of government. They always seek to sustain their power at all costs. They will fail as communism failed – that much is certain. However, keep in mind that it must get worse before it gets better. They are indeed preparing for civil unrest. They will hunt down citizens to defend themselves…

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