Never Give In!

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Aspiring writer of Zombie fiction.
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4 Responses to Never Give In!

  1. JOHN FRARY says:


    I arrived in Burlington in 1981, very near the date of Bernie’s election to his first term as mayor, so my Vermont residency closely tracks his public career, and although his visits to Vermont have become much less frequent since he moved to Washington I still have the chance on occasion, to watch him regaling the Righteous in quiet settings, such as a certain locally-owned coffee shop, a Church Street restaurant or at a minor league baseball game.

    There are two features of the great Tribune’s Tischreden that some might see as trivial but I actually find revealing. The first is his table etiquette, which recognizes no cadence between a full mouth and a solemn declamation on some familiar theme of injustice, and knows only one volume (loud). My second observation is the private man seems not to be all that different from the public when it comes to his emotional register. He is always angry. Waitpersons are not spared. Beware burghers, his is a man nostalgic for the guillotine. Maybe, he had a less than ideal relationship with his father?

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  2. george jones says:

    I got the spray can, you bring the ladder…

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