Bridges and Dreams and the Golden Door

Cat Rotator's Quarterly

Sarah Hoyt first linked to this, and it struck a lot of chords.

As she said: “This is why I came up with the Usaian religion in my books.  And this is why we cannot let the light go out.  We cannot.  Else, the world will be plunged in darkness.”

You see, my German professor at my undergrad college had been on the other side of that little bridge, or one very much like it. Austria had been released from occupation a year before (1955), and Dr. W was attending the University of Vienna in 1956. Everyone knew about the Soviet suppression of the Budapest uprising and the flight of Hungarians to the west. Dr. W.’s professor came into the classroom and said, “Austria is a neutral country. The government cannot do anything to favor one nation or another. However, if you as individuals feel the need to volunteer…

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