The TOF Spot: A lizard riding a horse

I got your global warming right here, zombies!

Head Noises

The notion as TOF understands it was that as the sun “beat” faster, it hit solar max more often in a given time span and so the earth would get warmer. As it slowed down, the sun would hit max less often and the earth would cool. At the time, Global Cooling had been all the rage, so TOF was startled to see this beautiful science bludgeoned to death by some ugly facts. Global Cooling was actually that downward “trend” from about 1940 to about 1970. Based on this, TOF prophesied at the time that the new upward trend would run from 1970-2000 and starting about AD 2000, temperatures would once again top off as they had in the 1940s. IOW, TOF predicted the current “pause.” Yay! And also the cooling that is about to overtake us (2000-2030), now that the sun has gone out. Boo!

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  1. Robert Powers says:

    Many years ago I read a book titled “The Sky is Falling”…it was supposedly fictitious…but ….definitely NOT…Climate changers hated it!

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