Welcome to the Hotel EuroUnion

You can check in anytime you like,

but you can never leave!

Apparently, whichever way the Greeks vote, it won’t make any difference.

Sound familiar?  Yay Zombies!

You Can Check-In for the Euro – But You Can Never Leave

There is behind the curtain posturing going on which is out of the public-eye whereas people do not quite realize that joining the Euro was the surrender of national sovereignty. Brussels has a hidden clause that shows from the very beginning this was a covert action to federalize Europe displacing democratic institutions from the top down.


Update: Greece Surrenders it Sovereignty to BrusselsThe Syriza government is backing down because of the realization the Brussels will declare economic war on Greece and deliberately try to plunge the country into total ruin far worse that the sanction imposed on Russia. We have a copy of a letter sent from Greece to the EU accepting all terms. http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/archives/34234


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