We’ve got chicks, ten of them. Momma is an auricauna and poppa is… shoot I forget. Two choices, one is all white and the other was (predated) a beautiful golden color with lots of markings. Actually, I think the white one finally got to feeling his oats and killed the other.  I digress.

We thought we’d lost the mom. She took to sleeping out of the coop and then failed to come back. Many predators here. Yesterday she appeared with chicks in tow, to get a little feed. I went back with the camera but they had disappeared again.  Search as I might, I couldn’t find them.

I did find a couple of chicken sized holes in the back fence. I could block the holes when they come back in but I don’t know if they’d be safer nestless inside the fence or not.  <sigh>

Pictures when possible.

Update: Found them.  Couldn’t get very close. Click to view larger.

20150701_094805Hiding from the rain.


Update: video

They come out at about 20 seconds.


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9 Responses to CHICKS!

  1. Beth Donovan says:

    Congrats! Chickens can be very sneaky about their nest locations. I had a bantam hen hatch 10 chicks under the chicken coop. I was surprised, as I thought some kind of predator had eaten her. 🙂

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  2. Foxfier says:

    *sigh* I actually miss having chickens, I must be going insane!

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  3. Nat says:

    We let our chickens out in the morning and close them in at night. Dried meal worms lure them in. My son got refrigerator and stove shelves from the dump and has them buried all around the edge of the coop to prevent predators from digging under. So far so good. He stretches yellow plastic tape cris/cross across the pen surrounding the coop where the young chicks are being raised to protect from hawks etc.


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