Maybe,…just maybe

There is a silver lining to the current zombie epidemic. Similar to the way school of piranha will dispose of a putrid floater. Or more to the point, they way they will eat other piranha who are sick or injured.

In previous outbreaks, the zombie horde easily matched or over-matched the ability of non-zombies to defend themselves.


The slaughter of the un-afflicted was prodigious and it wasn’t until they ran out of hapless victims that they turned on each other. Then it was a case of who was more zombie. Or rather, who wasn’t zombie enough.

Sorry comrade!

Eventually, each outbreak devoured itself, but only after devouring the whole culture. This outbreak is playing out a little differently.

Conquest by guilt!

Our zombies have adopted a “helpless victim” pose, encouraged by the zombie master’s, in an effort to get us to feed ourselves to them. Stupid plan, of course. If it worked the outbreak would run the same course as previously, devour the culture and then themselves. Unfortunately, for them, assumed helplessness has put their usual prey out of their reach.

Bring it on, zombies!

So they have begun to devour themselves.

An interesting twist is the effort to enlist vicious zombies from a foreign land who are still willing and able to kill. Again unfortunately, these killer zombies prefer helpless prey as well.

Muslims Take Two Young Boys And Crucify Them

Mexican Terrorist Cartel Beheads 4 Women In Message …

Sorry, the pictures are just too graphic.

Anyway, all things considered, this is the kind of zombie outbreak we can deal with.  Daniel Greenfield sums things up nicely here:

Daniel Greenfield: The Left Is Eating Itself

Go and read it.


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